3/8-16 Climbing Gym T-Nut

  • 16 KN test rating
  • Self-guided barrel
  • Oversized base for added strength
  • 2 screw holes for faster install
  • Description


    This t-nut is designed by Escape Climbing and created specifically for commercial rock climbing walls where standard t-nuts won’t cut it. It has applications for other industries like furniture and wood working as well. Its barrel length is longer than standard t-nuts and designed for 3/4 plywood or thicker. It also features a self-guided barrel. This means there are no threads at the top of the barrel which make it much harder to cross thread the t-nut as you thread the bolts. Use a 1/2″ drill bit to make your t-nut holes.


    Contact us for bulk shipments over 15M for shipping logistics. Metric (M10) is also available at similar bulk pricing.

    Price does not include screws

    Bulk Qty Price Each
    1-49M 0.24
    50-99M 0.198
    100+M 0.184
  • Additional information

    Additional information

    1000 count box

    1000 ct box, 1000 ct box + phillips head screw, 1000 ct box + hex head screw