Volume Screw Inserts


  • Sold in boxes of 1,000
  • Friction fit inserts designed to add years of life to your volumes
  • Accepts GRK 9 and GRK 10 screws (won’t necessarily fit other screw brands)
  • Description


    Stop blowout. Stop chipping. Start inserting.

    Volumes are a great way to add a more dynamic climbing experience to any wall. Unfortunately, they can also be quite expensive.

    Protect your investment with the Volume Screw Insert specifically designed to protect and add years of life to your volume’s screw holes (the #1 place they are likely to fail given enough time).

    The Screw Inserts have some of the easiest installation imaginable. A drill, some bits, and a hammer are all you need to secure these friction fit inserts into almost any volume on the market.


    Inserts Price Each USD
    100-900 0.12
    1000-5900 0.098
    6000-11900 0.075
    12000+ 0.065


    Contact us for bulk shipments over 6M.

  • Additional information

    Additional information


    1000 Count Boxes